WomanRising Business
Support Services

WomanRising Business Support Services are heavily subsidized services provided by WomanRising at a members’ request through its service providers to subscribed members at flexible payment terms.

PR & Marketing Support Services

1. Website Development & Management
2. Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, Linkedin & Youtube)
3. Digital Marketing
4. PR & Content Development
5. Event Management
6. Graphic Designing
7. Corporate Souvenirs & Gifts

Branding Support Services

1. Personal & Executive Branding
2. Business Branding

Capacity Building Support Services

1. Employee Development Training & Coaching 2. Entrepreneur Capacity Building & Coaching 3. Concept Development & Project Management 4. Employee Performance Coaching 5. HR Support & Human Capital Development 6. WomanRising Job Portal

Business Management Support Services

1. Business Advisory & Coaching
2. Financial & Investment Referral Assistance
3. leadership Development & Retention
WomanRising Personal Branding Services provide you with a strong, authentic and influential personal brand identity that enables the world to recognize you for your uniqueness, value proposition, competitive advantage, and positions you as a subject matter expert is Bakery, Entrepreneurship & Women Empowerment.

Personal Brand Management Package

1. Profiling
2. Concept Designs
3. Write Ups & Documentation
4. Social Media & Online Brand Management Personal Brand Coaching
5. Brand PR Strategy Planning & Development Personal Photoshoot
6. Personal Brand Management & Promotion

Added Services (optional)

1. Website Design & Management
2. Events Planning & Management
3. Publishing Support
4. Audio Visuals Production

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